Knitted elastic is offer end at a lower price compared to woven elastic simply because of its construction and weight. We have this elastic available in white and black in a variety of some widths as well as other colors. We can make striped elastic, patterned elastic, printed elastic etc. The width of our elastic runs from 1/8" to 1" inches. Below are just a few samples of our knitted elastic.

Knitting elastics are extremely popular due to the lower cost. Elastic materials can also be personalized with stripes, patterns and prints upon request. If a more personal look is needed, feel free to contact us with your design specifications for more information.

Knitted gripper webbing opens up a completely new world of fashion. Originally, knitted gripper elastic was used primarily in the hosiery market. The elastic was used to hold thigh high and knee high pantyhose in place.

Offering advice, materials, and support to businesses, commercial manufacturers, and people who have a need for webbing materials. We can help you today contact LAICATEX (INDIA) with inquiries, questions, and comments.

Button Hole Elastic tape

We are specialized in Button Hole knitted Elastic tapes which is a best invention and popular because of its patterned hole in elastic tape for using in kids pants garments. Its can use or adjust as comfort and gripping. It's made in Knitting Elastic tape.