We offer rotary screen printing from 1 to 4 colors sequentially placed to diversify our customers’ products. Since brand recognition is so important, LAICATEX (India) Pvt. Ltd is constantly in the process of testing new inks such as metallic, reflective, glow in the dark, among other inks that allow the retailers and brands to deliver innovative printed elastic for their garments.

Printing allows to achieve small fonts with good resolution, smooth rounded shapes and accurate reproduction of the original artwork. Multi color graphics are also possible and generally printing uses a lower cost substrate and is very efficient.

Nylon Screen Ink Printing

Craft Feature: Glossy surface, chromatic colorations, excellent color stability, high gloss, easy to attach, high resistance to sun light and eco-friendly.
Advantage: Clear contour, Full cover rate, with excellent color fastness up to 3-4 level.

Screen Plastisol Printing

Craft Features: Glossy surface, chromatic coloration, high gloss, available to adjust the stereopsis as required, soft hand feel and smooth.
Advantage: Precise printing, complete cover rate, no odor and eco-friendly excellent color fastness.

Pigment Printing

Craft Features: Glossy surface, chromatic coloration, slight stereopsis, rich coloration, soft hand feel.
Advantages: Excellent cover rate, aqueous print available, eco-friendly and odorless.

We are Specialized in DOTS Printing

  • Best Quality lowest price range
  • Minimum Quantity acceptable
  • Available 10mm to 100 mm Size printing
  • Printing can be 3 to 4 colors range
  • Maximum 7 to 10 Days lead time
  • Eco-friendly printing quality
  • Best Quality for export Garments